Handicrafts from Uganda on the art market at the National Theater in Kampala – On the way in search of handmade, art objects and souvenirs from Uganda.

The art market is located right next to the Kampala National Theater, in the middle of the city of Uganda’s capital. A visit is definitely worth it, because then you can take a look at the National Theater and then stop by the Craft Market. Here you will find art, jewelry, handcraft and much more. And don’t forget to bargain with the seller about the price. But before you get into the price negotiations on the art market, you should first get an overview. The art market at the National Theater consists of several small stalls and certain products are offered at several stalls, but sometimes at different prices.

Don’t forget to think about the exchange rate

But before the big haggling over the price begins, consider the EUR / UGX exchange rate, i.e. the exchange rate between the euro and the Ugandan shilling. And of course the prices always sound more expensive than they actually are. Because, for example, 10,000 UGX is really not much. Negotiating down to 8,000 UGX means a saving of 2,000 UGX and if you now calculate that in euros, then you cannot necessarily speak of a significant amount by which you have lowered the price. At least not for the typical Mzungu who spends his vacation in Uganda.

Craft Markets Kampala – art markets in the capital

In addition to the art market at the National Theater, Kampala also has other markets where you can buy jewelry, art and handicrafts. The largest market in Kampala is the Arts and Craft Market Kampala on Buganda Road near the Daisy´s Arcade shopping center.

Video art market at the National Theater

The art market at the theater is located here

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