Delta variant in Africa: Total lockdown in Uganda

Corona Delta variant in Africa: total lockdown in Uganda imposed by President Museweni. Meanwhile, intensive care beds and oxygen are becoming scarce in the East African country. Numerous corona restrictions have been in effect [...]

Demonstrations in Uganda after Bobi Wine was arrested

Presidential election 2021: Demonstrations in Uganda after the brief arrest of Bobi Wine, opposition politician and promising candidate in the upcoming election in Uganda in mid-January 2021. A new president will be elected in Uganda [...]

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Lockdown in Kampala – empty streets and squares in the metropolis

Lockdown in Kampala - empty streets and squares in the metropolis, a rare sight of the otherwise lively places in Uganda's capital Kampala. Almost deserted streets in Kampala and almost no Boda Boda motorcycle taxis [...]

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Lunch at Nyama Nsava Restaurant and Takeaway in Kazo

Lunch at Nyama Nsava Restaurant and Takeaway Kazo - popular restaurant in Kampala in the Kazo district in the Kawempe Division. Here in the Nyama Nsava Restaurant you can eat well and inexpensively. Typical [...]

Handicrafts from Uganda: Art Market at the Kampala National Theater

Handicrafts from Uganda on the art market at the National Theater in Kampala - On the way in search of handmade, art objects and souvenirs from Uganda. The art market is located right next [...]

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