Visiting the Gaddafi Mosque Kampala

Visit to the Gaddafi Mosque Kampala - The National Mosque Uganda is the largest mosque in the country and at the same time the largest mosque in all of East Africa. Is it worth [...]

Kampala Nightlife: Party, live music and lots of drinks in packed clubs

Kampala Nightlife: Party, live music and lots of drinks in packed clubs after around two years of lockdown and closed clubs. In Uganda's capital Kampala, people are celebrating again like before the pandemic. Due [...]

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Bus ride from Kampala to Jinja

Holidays in Uganda: Bus ride from Kampala to Jinja, east of the capital. Traveling by public transport in East Africa. Traveling by bus and other public transport in Africa is always an experience and [...]

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Uganda receives over 580,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses from Norway and China

On August 31, 2021, Uganda received a donation of over 580,000 COVID-19 vaccination doses AstraZeneca and Sinovac from Norway and China. Positive news in the fight against the corona pandemic is currently coming from the [...]

End of 42-day lockdown: Uganda’s President Museveni announces COVID-19 easing

End of the 42-day lockdown: Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni announced numerous COVID-19 easing for the East African state on Friday evening, July 30th, 2021. In an eagerly awaited speech, Uganda's president announced corona easing. After [...]

Delta variant in Africa: Total lockdown in Uganda

Corona Delta variant in Africa: total lockdown in Uganda imposed by President Museweni. Meanwhile, intensive care beds and oxygen are becoming scarce in the East African country. Numerous corona restrictions have been in effect [...]

Demonstrations in Uganda after Bobi Wine was arrested

Presidential election 2021: Demonstrations in Uganda after the brief arrest of Bobi Wine, opposition politician and promising candidate in the upcoming election in Uganda in mid-January 2021. A new president will be elected in Uganda [...]

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Lockdown in Kampala – empty streets and squares in the metropolis

Lockdown in Kampala - empty streets and squares in the metropolis, a rare sight of the otherwise lively places in Uganda's capital Kampala. Almost deserted streets in Kampala and almost no Boda Boda motorcycle taxis [...]

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