Kampala Nightlife: Party, live music and lots of drinks in packed clubs after around two years of lockdown and closed clubs. In Uganda’s capital Kampala, people are celebrating again like before the pandemic.

Due to the corona pandemic and the COVID-19 restrictions in Uganda, bars and clubs have now been closed for almost two years. Concerts and live music were also not allowed. But now in Kampala and of course in all other cities in Uganda there are big celebrations again. Because for a few days this has been legal again. Clubs and bars have reopened, there is no longer a curfew and the alcohol ban no longer exists.

And the young people in Uganda don’t need to be told that twice. The clubs in Kampala are packed, the bartenders are very busy and can hardly keep up with the flood of drink orders. And the service staff continuously bring drinks to the guests’ tables. The bottle service is going well again. The demand for alcohol in the clubs these days seems to be at least at the same level as in 2019, i.e. the year before Corona and the start of the lockdown.

After 2 difficult years, Kampala celebrates again

The past two years have not only been difficult for visitors to the clubs. Compared to the rest of the world, Uganda has a very young population. The operators of the clubs and bars also had a very difficult time while they were forced to close their business, often their life’s work, indefinitely due to government orders. Therefore, the operators and owners of the numerous bars and clubs in Kampala and throughout the country should now be happy that the nightlife in Kampala is now open again without restrictions. And it will probably be a very long party, after all there is a lot to catch up on.

Post Lockdown: Kampala Nightlife 2022

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