Largest garbage dump in Uganda: Kiteezi Landfill in the north of Kampala

Kiteezi Landfill in the north of Kampala – Largest garbage dump in Uganda and all of East Africa – Thousands of people live directly on and from the garbage in the Kiteezi garbage dump.

The largest garbage dump in all of East Africa is located in Uganda on the northern outskirts of Kampala, the country’s capital and metropolis of millions. Unlike in Europe, for example, the Kiteezi landfill is not located away from densely populated areas. The Kiteezi Landfill landfill is practically complete and very close to inhabited areas; some houses are less than 20 meters away from meter-high piles of rubbish.

And the rubbish dump in Kiteezi is by no means a secured or even fenced in or locked rubbish dump. You won’t find a fence here and so it is not a problem for anyone to enter the Kiteezi Landfill. Several thousand people live and work from and with the garbage in Kiteezi. Partly as a garbage collector, partly as a garbage sorter or also as a service provider. Fruit, hot food, drinks and other goods are available for purchase at numerous stalls.

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This is where the Kiteezi Landfill in Kampala is located

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