Lockdown in Kampala – empty streets and squares in the metropolis, a rare sight of the otherwise lively places in Uganda’s capital Kampala.

Almost deserted streets in Kampala and almost no Boda Boda motorcycle taxis on the way? It is a very unusual image of Kampala and yet it is reality. COVID-19 and the resulting nationwide lockdown can be clearly seen when you are currently in Kampala City. Most recently, it was announced at the beginning of May that the lockdown in Uganda, which has been going on for several weeks, will be extended by another 14 days from May 6, 2020.

So the condition will last for a few more days that you will hardly see any people or vehicles on Kampala Road, Luwumu Street, Namiremba Road and all other busy streets. But the effects of the lockdown in the capital become particularly clear if you stop by the Kampala Old Taxi Park.

Kampala Old Taxi Park

Kampala Old Taxi Park

No taxi buses at Kampala Old Taxi Park

This sight is also very special. The Old Taxi Park in Kampala is completely empty. There are usually hundreds or even over a thousand minibuses on the square. And now due to COVID-19 and the ordered lockdown in Uganda, the large square is eerily empty.

Pictures lockdown in Kampala

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