Rhinos in East Africa: Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) plans to expand the Ajai Wildlife Reserve in the north of the country on the west bank of the White Nile.

Only recently, the UWA announced that it wanted to promote the resettlement of the rare white rhinos in the approximately 160 square kilometer Ajai Wildlife Reserve. Now it is known that the reserve is even being considered to expand. Accordingly, the purchase of around 25 square kilometers of additional land is being considered. This involves an extension in the south of the reserve and land in the neighboring communities. Here, however, one must first agree with the communities and landowners on a possible land purchase.

Rhino breeding in the Ajai WIldlife Reserve is also planned in the long term. However, studies have come to the conclusion that the current total area is not sufficient for successful and long-term rhino breeding.

So far, leopards, hippos, warthogs and colobus monkeys, among others, live in the Ajai Wildlife Reserve. Due to its proximity to the Nile, the nature reserve is characterized by seasonally flooded swamps, floodplains and wooded savannah landscapes. And therefore also good conditions for the southern white rhino. The next largest city is Arua (population around 65,000) in the Arua District. The city is approximately 475 kilometers northwest of Kampala and 230 kilometers west of Gulu.

This is where Arua is located

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