Spennah Beach Entebbe – One of the most popular beaches on Lake Victoria in Entebbe with a fine sandy beach and beach bar / restaurant near Airport Road.

Here on the beach it is definitely bearable. Spennah Beach is only 200 meters away from my hotel, the Peniel Beach Hotel Entebbe. Here I am spending my first three days in Uganda before I will soon go to Kazo, a district of the capital Kampala. With a pleasant 28 degrees, I now enjoy the sun here. The whole thing with a cold beer, a Nile Special. The beach bar on Spennah Beach naturally offers a lot more than beer and other chilled drinks. Here you can also get various dishes and the beach bar restaurant is also open in the evening, so you can stop here for dinner.

Nile Special at Spennah Beach Entebbe

Nile Special at Spennah Beach Entebbe

Marabou on Entebbe Beach

No, that doesn’t mean the delicious Swedish chocolate. Rather, the marabou bird from the stork family. You can find the birds practically everywhere in Uganda. And by now you should really have internalized that you are sitting in the sun on the beach of Lake Victoria and not in northern Germany on the Baltic or North Sea.

Park-like green space on Spennah Beach

Overall, the beach here in Entebbe on Spennah Beach absolutely convinced me. There is a fine sandy beach with a recommendable beach bar and restaurant. Before you get to the beach you have to go through a very well-kept green area.

Video Spennah Beach Entebbe on Lake Victoria

This is where Spennah Beach is located

Hallo, ich bin Christian und lebe in Kiel. :-)