After my flight from Hamburg via Istanbul and Kigali, I finally arrived in Entebbe. My plan for the first days in Uganda: Relax in the Peniel Beach Hotel close to Lake Victoria and of course enjoy the sun on Spennah Beach Entebbe on Africa’s largest lake.

With a little delay (the stopover in Kigali was about an hour longer than planned) I arrived at Entebbe International Airport shortly after 4 a.m. and had actually expected someone to pick me up from my booked hotel at the airport. Or so it was planned. But far and wide there was no one to be seen waiting for me. Fortunately, there were enough taxi drivers at the terminal, some of whom were more or less pushy and offered their services.

So I just picked a taxi driver who drove me the two-kilometer route to the Peniel Beach Hotel for a few US dollars. That was certainly not the perfect start for me in Uganda and I was understandably slightly annoyed that nobody had picked me up from the airport as agreed. But that just happens. In any case, the hotel employee at the front desk had apologized a hundred times and I was able to go straight to my hotel room.

Three nights at the Peniel Beach Hotel Entebbe

I spent my first three nights in Uganda here at the Peniel Beach Hotel Entebbe. My plan was for me to arrive in Uganda relaxed and take it easy, at least for the first few days. What a surprise, it was of course much warmer than in the cold Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany, where my trip started at only 5 degrees.

The hotel was ok for three nights. A comfortable bed, air conditioning, free WiFi in the room and the entire hotel complex and a delicious breakfast that was brought to my room every morning. So what more do you want? Oh yes, and it took only 2-3 minutes to walk to the beach. So the Peniel Beach Hotel is not a hotel or has no hotel rooms with a direct sea view, but is very, very close to Spennah Beach, a popular stretch of beach on Lake Victoria.

Impressions Peniel Beach Hotel Entebbe

Activities and sights nearby

Of course, I preferred to go to the nearby Spennah Beach several times a day. By the way, there is also a very nice beach bar. Also nearby and easily accessible by Boda Boda (motorcycle taxi):

  • Entebbe Botanical Garden
  • Entebbe harbor with fishing port and ferry to Kalangala to the islands in Lake Victoria (Ssese Islands)
  • Shopping: Victoria Mall with various shops, ATM and restaurants such as Cafe Javas or KFC

Videos Peniel Beach Hotel Entebbe

Hallo, ich bin Christian und lebe in Kiel. :-)