Car Drive from Entebbe to Kampala – On the way on the highway and in the city traffic of Kampala with countless Boda Bodas on the streets.

If you want to drive from Entebbe to Kampala, the most convenient way to get there is by car. In Uganda there is left-hand traffic, so far so good. Not a problem in itself, if it weren’t for all the countless motorcycle taxis, the Boda Bodas. For that reason alone, I prefer to be a passenger in the car in Uganda. And if you also have a large suitcase and two bags with you, the ride with a taxi bus or a Boda Boda would not be fun or would not be possible at all.

Motorway from Entebbe to Kampala

Motorway from Entebbe to Kampala

Yes, there is a highway in Uganda too!

Admittedly, many roads in Uganda cannot be compared with the roads in Germany. But there is also a well-developed two-lane motorway between Kampala and Entebbe. The Entebbe-Kampala-Expressway has been connecting the two cities since 2018. This is a good way to get from the airport to the capital and of course vice versa. The journey time from Entebbe to the center of Kampala is usually around an hour, but it can sometimes be significantly longer. That always depends on what time you are on the road.

However, my destination was not the center of Kampala, but Kazo, a district in the northeast of the capital in the Kawempe Division

Videos car ride in Entebbe and Kampla

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