On August 31, 2021, Uganda received a donation of over 580,000 COVID-19 vaccination doses AstraZeneca and Sinovac from Norway and China.

Positive news in the fight against the corona pandemic is currently coming from the East African state of Uganda. The government announced that over half a million doses of vaccine had arrived in Uganda over the weekend. This is a donation from the Norwegian government and the Republic of China. 286,000 AstraZeneca vaccine doses from Norway have arrived at Entebbe International Airport. And a donation also came from China. China supplied 300,000 dose of Sinovac.

Together with the 1.1 million AstraZeneca vaccine doses that arrived in June, a total of 1.75 million vaccine doses have arrived in Uganda so far. And of the vaccination doses from June, almost all doses were inoculated. According to the Ministry of Health, around 900,000 people have currently received an initial vaccination and around 240,000 people have been fully vaccinated so far. In view of the approximately 44 million inhabitants, the vaccination rate in Uganda is unfortunately still in the low single-digit percentage range.

But there is another positive trend that will hopefully continue: The number of new corona infections per day has fallen significantly from over 1,700 in June to 70 new infections per day. The government and health experts attribute this positive trend to the strict 42-day statewide lockdown, which has been eased somewhat since this weekend. President Museveni announced corona easing in a speech on Friday evening.

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