Corona Delta variant in Africa: total lockdown in Uganda imposed by President Museweni. Meanwhile, intensive care beds and oxygen are becoming scarce in the East African country.

Numerous corona restrictions have been in effect in Uganda since June 7, 2021. Schools were already closed and private travel outside of one’s own district was not permitted. In addition, the Ugandan government had taken numerous other measures to counter the uncontrolled spread of COVID-19. But for several days it has become apparent that the dangerous Delta variant will be difficult to stop. And so the corona restrictions that have been in force since June 7th, 2021 do not seem to have been sufficient. The number of corona cases has literally exploded in numerous African countries, above all Namibia and Uganda.

42-day lockdown in Uganda from June 18, 2021

Uganda’s President Yoweri Musewenig announced yesterday, Friday, that Uganda would enter the nationwide lockdown. The previous night curfew has now become an almost complete curfew for the country’s 43 million residents. All residents must now stay at home. Special regulations only apply to, for example, patient transport, parts of the health sector and the transport of particularly important freight and goods. Public life in Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja and all other cities in the country will therefore come to a complete standstill for the next few weeks. Uganda is fighting with all its might against an impending shortage of medical oxygen. For example, the army has now been instructed to support the production of oxygen.

COVID-19 in Uganda: Current figures and data

The current situation in Uganda with regard to confirmed corona cases and officially reported deaths in connection with the corona virus can be found here on the WHO website:

WHO: COVID-19 in Uganda

Lockdown in Uganda

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