COVID-19: Uganda has seen a significant increase in the number of corona cases for several weeks. Numerous Corona restrictions will therefore come into force in Uganda from June 7th, 2021.

Uganda’s President Museveni announced numerous measures to contain COVID-19 yesterday, Sunday, which will apply across the country from this Monday. For example, schools and educational institutions will close for 42 days. There are also weekly markets, conferences and assemblies. Due to the increasing number of cases, it is now extremely important that appropriate measures must be taken urgently. According to the president, the government is concerned that a further increase in the number of corona cases could push Uganda’s public health system to its limits. Above all, it must be prevented that, as has already been the case in many other countries around the world, there is always enough oxygen and sufficient free capacities in the hospitals.

Corona measures in Uganda: These points apply from June 7th, 2021

  1. Schools close for 42 days effective tomorrow.
  2. Teachers must be vaccinated to return to teaching. Employers can make vaccination a requirement to have employees in the workplace.
  3. Communal places of worship close for 42 days.
  4. Gatherings, conferences are suspended for 42 days.
  5. Travel from Category A countries remain suspended except for returning Ugandans (only India for now).
  6. Agricultural activities continue.
  7. Non-agricultural activities that can continue include factories, construction, shopping malls, supermarkets, taxi parks with SOPs.
  8. Marriage ceremonies and parties allowed with up to 20 people.
  9. Houseparties banned.
  10. Funerals and vigils can have up to 20 people.
  11. Weekly food markets suspended for 42 days.
  12. Monthly cattle auction markets suspended for 42 days.
  13. All public transport between and across districts are suspended for 42 days effective 10 June.
  14. All interdistrict travel banned except for Kampala / Wakiso. Cargo trucks and registered tourist vehicles are an exception.
  15. Public transport within a district is allowed.
  16. Cargo trucks allowed up to two people.
  17. Bars, discos, cinemas, concerts closed.
  18. Sports events can be open with no spectators, players must have negative PCR tests.
  19. Public places directed to maintain SOPs. Encourage people working from home. Max 30% of employees in the office.
  20. Institutions must have a dedicated person for compliance to check adherence.
  21. Private vehicles cannot have more than 3 people including the driver (and cannot move between districts).
  22. Ambulances, security vehicles allowed to operate normally.
  23. Supermarkets, shopping arcades, hardware shops must close at 7pm. Exceptions given to pharmacies which can stay open until curfew time.
  24. Food markets should continue operating with SOPs.
  25. Saloons, lodges and garages can remain open until 7pm. Bars in lodges should not be operational.
  26. Construction sites can continue to be open.
  27. Private cars allowed to cross the border into neighbouring countries.
  28. Curfew remains at 21.00-05.30.
  29. Boda bodas allowed to transport goods or 1 passenger until 6pm.
  30. Instead of jailing people violating rules, security forces should fine people instead.
  31. All above measures take immediate effect unless otherwise stated.
  32. Failure to adhere within a week will lead to total lockdown.
Luwum Street in Kampala

Luwum Street in Kampala

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