Coronavirus: Lockdown in Uganda extended until May 5, 2020 – Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni today extended the nationwide lockdown for a further 21 days.

Uganda’s people have been eagerly awaiting today’s statement from the president. Many had already suspected it, and so it was not particularly surprising that Uganda’s President Museveni ordered an extension of the nationwide lockdown. The nationwide lockdown of the East African state will be extended by a further 21 days and will therefore apply from April 15, 2020 to May 5, 2020.

So far only a few corona cases in Uganda

According to President Museveni, so far only around 50 people have tested positive for COVID19, but so far only just under 5,700 tests have been carried out. The number of unreported cases could therefore be significantly higher. And it is precisely for this reason that President Museveni has also pointed out that it is still too early to call Uganda safe at the moment. The situation is still serious and is being monitored continuously.

Standstill in the non-food sector – food supply secured

The ongoing lockdown affects the entire non-food area of ​​Uganda with the exception of medical and other systemically relevant areas. Bars, hotels, restaurants, lodges, electronics stores, hairdressers and many other areas must therefore remain closed. Local public transport and all Boda Boda drivers are also still affected by the lockdown. There are almost no vehicles on the otherwise busy roads in Kampala. All other cities in Uganda, in which the lockdown applies and is controlled as well as in the capital, shows a similar picture. The food supply, however, is secured. The coronavirus therefore has little impact on agriculture in rural areas of the country and on fisheries.

Corona protective masks

Corona protective masks

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