BAHAI Temple in Uganda in the capital Kampala – The temple on the outskirts of the capital is one of the most popular sights in Kampala.

Are you planning a trip to Uganda and looking for sights and great spots in Kampala? Then you should definitely visit the Baha’i Temple Kampala, the House of Worship. Located on Kikaya Hill in the outskirts of Uganda’s capital Kampala is the green oasis in the metropolis of East Africa.

Baha´i temple in Kampala & gardens

Baha´i Temple in Kampala

Temple in the middle of a well-kept park

You can easily reach the Bahai Temple with the Boda Boda (motorcycle taxi), almost every Boda Boda driver knows the sacred building of the Bahai, which is one of the top sights of Kampala. Access to the park is free. Your bag may be peeked before entering the park. But don’t worry, it’s all very professional and not a big deal.

The Bahai Temple or House of Worship is located on a hill. At the highest point is the temple and around the temple is a very nice park-like green area. Unfortunately, when I visited the temple it was slightly hazy and cloudy.

The sacred buildings of the Baha’i are called Baha’i temples. The German-speaking Baha’i congregations usually use the term Haus der Andacht, a literal translation of House of Worship. Baha’i temples are found worldwide in the United States, Samoa, Australia, Panama, Germany, India, Uganda, Chile, Cambodia, and Colombia.

Videos Bahai Temple Kampala

Here is the Bahai Temple Kampala

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