Corona easing in Uganda: President Museveni announces the end of the exit restrictions and numerous easing, which are to take place gradually in January.

For the people of Uganda, President Museveni’s New Year’s address this year may be the President’s best in years. Uganda’s President has heralded the end of the corona restrictions. As early as next month, i.e. in January 2022, most of the restrictions are to be gradually lifted. According to this, schools in Uganda will be the first to reopen on January 10, 2022. After more than 80 weeks of Corona break without lessons for students and teachers.

Burger & Pommes Restaurant The Yellow Chilly Jinja

Burger & Pommes Restaurant The Yellow Chilly Jinja

Bars, clubs and concerts may reopen or take place again from January 25, 2022. And the curfew will also be lifted, at the same time as the bars and clubs open on January 25th, there will be no more curfews. In addition, cinema and sporting events will again be possible without restrictions.

New Year’s Address by President Yoweri Museveni 12/31/2021

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