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Uganda approves construction of oil pipeline from Lake Albert to Tanzania

Controversial project: Uganda approves construction of an oil pipeline through national parks and reserves from Lake Albert to Tanzania to the Indian Ocean. Uganda has commissioned the country's first oil drilling rig in the [...]

Tourism in Uganda: Locals travel

Tourism in Uganda: Local people travel and are supposed to stimulate local tourism. But very few can even afford it. Tourism is an important branch of the economy in Uganda, especially with wealthy foreign [...]

Uganda and 12 other African countries removed from the corona risk list

Corona in Africa: Germany removes Uganda and 12 other African countries from the corona risk list. The changes apply from January 30, 2022. Good news for everyone planning a holiday in Uganda, the pearl of [...]

Coronavirus also threatens Uganda’s wildlife

Coronavirus also threatens Uganda's wildlife: the great apes in Uganda's national parks are particularly at risk. COVID-19 can also have fatal consequences for wildlife. Great apes in particular, i.e. gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans, could [...]

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